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My journey

At the age of 23 (1974), I had my whole life ahead of me, being a new bride, having graduated the year

before from a small town hospital, in nursing. Working as a nurse in Québec city, Canada, in a large hospital, on the orthopaedic floor, was a huge undertaking for a freshly graduated shy young woman, taking a leap into the big city .My eyes were filled with excitement. My future was bright, I was excited to the prospect of discovering new avenues.


I worked hard, having to take care of at least 30 patients from 4 to midnight. I enjoyed the challenges of taking care of ''my patients'' which most resulted from surgeries. Orthopaedy is a fascinating field mostly resulting from car accidents, personal and work injuries and congenital deformities. Little did I know that I would become a casualty as well. My life changed direction drastically and I never realized what I would be facing for the rest of my life - Chronic Pain.

Daily Regimen to combat pain

Not only do I have the privilege of having administered an  intravenous infusion of lidocaine but I also, over the years, developed a formula to achieve relief and support the lidocaine treatment.

You see, I am one of those patients who react very badly to prescribed medications such as anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anti-epileptics, narcotics, opioids … For example, cymbalta, an anti-depressant that sent me to bed for one week, after ingesting one pill at a low dosage. Or Tramadol, a narcotic that sent me to the bowels of obsession after ingesting one pill. My brain felt like it was being taken over by the chemicals and frozen in place. One thought ran through my mind only:"I have to do myself in''  -   like a ticker tape, running so fast and furious. I could visualize the phrase going around and around. A very frightening experience, indeed. Opioids did help somewhat to lower the pain at a level of tolerance. Nevertheless, the chemicals were interfering with certain area of my brain. I am an artist, love doing portraits but under the influence of opioids, I could no longer capture the essence of a person on paper. I could no longer get the resemblance in place. You can see here the trial and errors of sketching a portrait and not succeeding while taking fentanyl and morphine. You can compare it to the finished portrait once I was receiving the lidocaine infusion after weaning myself off the opioids and narcotics.

Over the years I have been asked what I do, in order to obtain relief. I have decided to share with you the information. From here, you can easily tweak and research what would be best for yourself if you are so inclined to do this.

Here we go:

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