Having had arachnoiditis for 40 years( I have stopped counting), I have come to realise that in my early years of dealing with it, and after losing my nursing career, basically re-inventing myself in the process in all aspects of one’s life, I have come to understand that I am a warrior. Why do I say this? Because I also know that I am not alone in this boat. I am surrounded by warriors , I can prove it. All you have to do is visit my facebook page - arachnoiditis - and ask to be a member, it is a closed group. We have a membership that is comprised of children, parents, caregivers, survivors and all around loving and compassionate individuals who dedicate themselves to help others. 

Chronic pain is debilitating. The able bodied individuals do not necessarily understand why we are slow at changing from  pj’s  to being dressed civilly. They see the world through their own experience, their own eyes and their own understanding as to how the world is to be. Our job is to respect that, and perhaps to give a little lecture, here and there, with a smile! 

We, arachnoiditis warriors, have to stay positive, simply  because kindness and positive thoughts and actions  are contagious. It affects so many people around us. Did you ever notice how much energy our thoughts have? If we smile, others smile. If we are angry, others are angry and sad. Our thoughts   have a life of their own, triggering all kinds of emotions and actions. 

Here is food for thought:

There was a wise man who would meditate everyday. He would share love to his fellow men from the depth of his heart. One day, this man went to see him and tried to make him angry, he would tell him insults, he would be angry at him, shouting profanities . The wise man would not respond but simply be. After 3 days, the man said to the wise man:

-Why are you not responding to my anger, to my insults? I have spent 3 days being angry at you? 

The wise man said: when someone gives you a gift and you refuse it, who owns the gift? 

I refused your gift of anger therefore I do not own the anger , you do. 

There is never a need to engage when someone is angry.