Daily Regimen to combat pain

Not only do I have the privilege of having administered an intravenous infusion of lidocaine but I also, over the years, developed a formula to achieve relief and support the lidocaine treatment.

You see, I am one of those patients who react very badly to prescribed medications such as anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anti-epileptics, narcotics, opioids … For example, cymbalta, an anti-depressant that sent me to bed for one week, after ingesting one pill at a low dosage. Or Tramadol, a narcotic that sent me to the bowels of obsession after ingesting one pill. My brain felt like it was being taken over by the chemicals and frozen in place. One thought ran through my mind only:"I have to do myself in'' - like a ticker tape, running so fast and furious. I could visualize the phrase going around and around. A very frightening experience, indeed. Opioids did help somewhat to lower the pain at a level of tolerance. Nevertheless, the chemicals were interfering with certain area of my brain. I am an artist, love doing portraits but under the influence of opioids, I could no longer capture the essence of a person on paper. I could no longer get the resemblance in place. You can see here the trial and errors of sketching a portrait and not succeeding while taking fentanyl and morphine. You can compare it to the finished portrait once I was receiving the lidocaine infusion after weaning myself off the opioids and narcotics.

Over the years I have been asked what I do, in order to obtain relief. I have decided to share with you the information. From here, you can easily tweak and research what would be best for yourself if you are so inclined to do this.

Here we go:

Natural supplements:

MSM (sulfur) from the Flora company, the quality of its product is at its optimum. I find it tames the burning, the muscle spasms, the deep aching within. In tough days I can ingest up to 6,ooo mg per day.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - strong antioxidant for peripheral neuropathy. 500 mg daily

Pycnogenol - Very strong oxydant, very effective unfortunatly not always available therefore I chose Alpha lipoic acid as a replacement and hope to find pycnogenol soon. Helps with the tinnitus and the pain.

B100 Complex - is geared to help my energy level. Arachnoiditis and Fibromyalgia, both conditions that I have been diagnosed with, sap my energy. It also helps with my B12 level. Folic acid is related to memory. As I am growing older, I find I need a supplement to help my brain to function normally.

Kelpasan from A.Vogel natural manufacturer of supplements. This is basically iodine in pills. It supports my thyroid gland.

PGX - I amhypoglycaemic - Pgx helps control my blood sugar levels. It is also high in fibre, a bonus for the poop department.

Vitamine C occasionally only. If I find that I need an immune system booster to counteract some cold viruses.

Tea tree oil(melaleuca)is a very powerful natural antibiotic made from a tree in Australia. I use it for everything including ingesting few drops in water. Very efficient if you have an infection in a tooth, it helps with the pain and the infection. For earaches, apply externally under the lobe of the ear, it also alleviate the pain and the infection. WebMD recommends that it is not safe to drink it. I don't agree, I have been ingesting this remedy, as needed, for years. It tastes awful! but it works and delivers its promises.


for the pain:

lidocaine infusion:Mild anesthetic administered intravenously to alleviate the pain. I am currently receiving 6mg on a monthly basis, with a saline solution.

Ketaminean anesthetic that I receive orally. I ingest 15 mg per day. I received 20 mg in an infusion along with lidocaine, 5mg. It was not effective for me in this form of administration. I have better results with the compounded ketamine taken orally.

Ointment: composed of Ketoprofen/Gabapentin/lidocaine. this cream is compounded by a pharmacy. It is excellent for muscle spasms, ache, burning, electrical shock pain. It is a universal compound that all pharmacists have access to.

Percocets: This pill is split in quarters. I detest the high that comes with ingesting a whole pill. I very rarely use this form of painkiller. During the summer, I might need one quarter every other day. In wintertime, depending of the weather, I might take an average of of a percocet per day.

For menopause

DHEA: is a natural hormone that is secreted by our adrenals. As we age and reach menopause, the level declines. Corticosteroids and opiates deplete the level of DHEA. I ingest 25 mg per day.

Bio-identical hormones- testosterone, Bio-estrogen and progesterone. Perfect harmony is achieved with these creams. No mood swings, hot flashes or just feeling crazy. Life is on even keel once one is armed with these. There is a misconception that women must grit their teeth, like many of our grandmothers have done and go through menopause symptoms, sweating away, fanning themselves and hope that these will pass soon. The fact of the matter is, the women's body becomes depleted over the years, exposing a woman to osteoporosis, fragile bone structure, and failing health as aging takes place. No need for this anymore. Beside, libido is also a very important component for a healthy relationship. These hormones insure that the hormone levels are maintained according to the body's need . This is determine by a saliva test performed every 6 months.

DIET: Very simple anti inflammatory diet.

Beef is no longer part of my regular diet. Pork is never ingested, as it is the most contaminated meat on the market. Have you heard of tape worm? That is what pork brings you as a gift to your colon .

Fish in abundance. Certified organic chicken is certainly welcome.

No more pasta. Very little bread but if elected to eat it, it must be multiple grains. Absolutely no refined sugar. substitutes such as XYlotol, natural palm sugar, cane sugar, agape are safe if there is no excess.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, fibre in greater quantity.

Health of colon

Cleansing every year. Fasting on fruits and veggies for 10 days is beneficial for a healthy colon. It also helps with the pain.

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