Protocole - Safety first

I am sharing my own knowledge and experience with you. In Canada, only anesthesiologists are allowed to administer this treatment. It is a medical act therefore it requires someone who is knowledgeable with an MD graduate and an anesthesiology specialty. I encourage you to seek a doctor who knows and is proficient in the administration of lidocaine infusion and to seek medical information from the doctor.

Before administering this treatment, the anesthesiologist will determine if the lidocaine is for you. A simple test will be administered. A syringe of lidocaine and a syringe of saline will be given separately, to determine if the lidocaine is actually effective. Simple and safe. Then your weight will be captured in order to use the formula which will determine how much lidocaine you require for targeting the pain safely. Vital signs are taken during the infusion, Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level.

The anesthesiologist will usually start the treatment at its lowest dosage which is:

4.5 mg of lidocaine 2% per kilogram of your weight

This will start you on a safe journey. Your next appointment is very important because you will be able to tell the length of the relief you obtained from the infusion. I recommend you keep track , between the infusions, the pain levels, what unusual events happened, your mood, or anything that is out of ordinary. Once you have determined that the length of the relief you experienced, you will give this valuable info to your doctor so he can titrate the lidocaine according to your pain level. The lidocaine can be increased at each visit until you reach a comfortable level.

It is important to remember that achieving complete pain control is very difficult, therefore it is better to stay at a lower level of dosage such as 5mg as an example for as long as you can. The body always gets accustomed to medication so you want to make sure you keep this alternative viable for you.

There are other ways to achieve pain relief which complement the infusion. We will talk about this .

Side effects

  • Drowsiness
  • Oral/tongue numbness, metallic taste
  • Double vision
  • Hypertension
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness
  • Seizures are rare
  • Nausea

In order tocontravene the side effects I drink an orange juice or have a chocolate bar during the infusion, to keep my blood sugar levels up. This way it eliminates and/or decrease the pesty side effects. The side effects disappear rapidly after the infusion is finished. Driving is contraindicated. The lidocaine makes me very tired so after a good night sleep, I am back to normal and go back to my normal life without pain or almost without. My pain level is at about 1 or 2 level from 10 being the worst.

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